Children and Pet Loss -  This article from the American Animal Hospital Association starts off by explaining the "death is a confusing tconcept for children, and the passing of a family pet is often a child's first experience with loss and grief. Since may children have sibling-like relationships with their pets, the loss is significant and can be difficult to manage on their own. Parents, however, are grieving the loss too, so many struggle with helping their children understand and work though these new emotions." 


When sweet little Oscar came to us at Good Karma, we didn't flinch at all! Our head foster is not only a puppy expert but she has also had a deaf pup before. Here are some resources that we have pulled together with info on deaf dogs.

Deaf Dogs Don't Bark and Other Myths Debunked 

Deaf Dogs Rock

Deaf Dogs Education Action Fund

Vibrating Collars for deaf dogs