Here you’ll find everything you need to know about dog and puppy training, from chewing challenges to traveling with your furry friend. It’s all here, and it’s all free.

The site has great articles about dealing with separation anxiety in your dog, food guarding and begging issues, digging and chewing,barking and jumping problems. It also has a ton of advice about dog training, leash walking, exercise tips and proper care and grooming.

This blog of animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell explores all dog-related issues but focuses specifically on behavior concerns. A free resource, this site is a repository of training and behavior information backed by simple techniques. The blog offers article categories in Dog Behavior, Canine Cognitionand Shelters and Rescues

This website dedicated to providing free step-by-step instructions for a variety of dog tricks.  Using the fastest and most effective dog training method available, you will see progress within the first day of training.This website is completely clicker based. Which means every dog trick available will only use positive reinforcement training. This will not only enable faster training success, but will also help you develop a strong bond with your four legged friend that will last a lifetime.